Ubuntu - Converged Terminal App

The Terminal is arguably one of the most used apps for developers on Ubuntu. When I started the new terminal design, I had long discussions with our developers on what kind of things they would like to see as users. I had many features in mind that I would like to see myself as a terminal user, and I wanted to make the design work well on each form factor (phone/tablet/desktop), and a vision of the UI that is highly usable, minimal and fresh.

For a deeper look into the features, I wrote a blog post about the terminal on the Ubuntu Design blog.


Tabs and split screen

Tabs and split screen were one of the most requested features.

On larger screens tabs will be visually persistent. In addition it’s desirable to be able split a panel horizontally and vertically, and use keyboard shortcuts or focusing with a mouse/touch to move between the focused panel.

On mobile, the tabs will be accessed through the bottom edge.

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