Virtual Real Estate

When I got my Samsung GearVR, I thought it would be fun to design and build an architectural VR app. I used to architectural modeling years ago with 3DS Max, and my render engine of choice, Vray recently added stereographic 360 rendering, so the timing was perfect. Rendering 3D360 scenes in Vray as 18432 x 1536px stereo cubemaps, I imported them into Unity3D, and added the UI in Unity3D for changing viewpoints, floor materials, time of the day etc. there.

pic pic

In the future I am interested in exploring lightfield renders with OctaneVR, since that allows some movement inside the rendered sphere, on VR hardware that has positional tracking.

I am also playing with interactive architectural visualisations in Unity3D and Unreal Engine, but currently it's too heavy for mobile GPUs and requires a beefy desktop GPU and a desktop VR headset.